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Minikahda Club

Clive Talbot Jaffray ca.1920
The Minikahda Club

An August 1898 bicycling picnic by Clive Talbot Jaffray, gave him the idea, to buy the property.

 Later he brought two others; James W. Raymond, President of the Northwest Bank, and  Charles Medbury Harrington, a grain merchant to show them the property, they gave $50.00 to the cause.

Charles Medbury Harrington 1917
James W. Raymond

The actual founders are listed as; William C. Edgar; Clive Talbot Jaffray; Judge,Martin B. Koon; Harry Thayer;Walter Checkley Tiffany; et al.
       The purpose of the club "shall be the conducting of a club or society for the purpose of social enjoyment, mental and physical culture, and the renting, leasing, building or otherwise acquiring and owning a club house." Activities of the club included tennis, golf, trap and skeet shooting, swimming and platform tennis.

 On July 15, 1899 Judge Martin B. Koon, drove the first ball.

Originally accessed by a rustic stairway to a boathouse

Horse-and-carriage and bicycling being the slower way to reach the Club.  The club house was built by Pike & Cook, an open shop contractor.
  Harry LeRoy Jenkins, was treasurer of the club, at this time.    Full course laid out in 1906.

 Minneapolis's business elite were able to merge their business and leisure activities, further strengthening the social oligarchy.

 The name Minikahda is a combination of two Indian words meaning "by the side of" and "water." The emblem of the club is a shield carried by Swift Dog, a Lakota chief.

      The name Minikahda and the shield design, were given by  William C. Edgar, a publisher,editor, journalist. Born at La Crosse, Wisconsin on the 21st of December 1856.
William C. Edgar
So we probably have William C. Edgar, to thank for inspiring Harry LeRoy Jenkins, to romanticize the name to Minnekahda when he came to naming his land companies.

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