Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bruins murdered

Two bears shot after fighting each other in Coquitlam
 Two bears shot in Coquitlam
          The location of the conflict in Google Maps

Two male bears shot and killed after fighting in Coquitlam homeowner’s driveway.
The video attached to the previous link is about the recent bar problem in Surrey, near Tynehead Park.   Read the comments; they are commenting about the issues in the "Burke Mountain" area.

            Update: Trouble bear that had been shot after killing goat captured
                                     What an idiot ! for shooting a bear with a 22.
                  Another Update: Apparently the bear captured in the trap was not the same bear

 More recent news:  Black bears shot after fur-flying brawl in residential Coquitlam driveway
And a "Burke Mountain" resident video of the bear fight
 Interesting comments at this GlobalNews page

Word in the area was that the present "Conservation officer" or is it "Destruction officer" was trigger happy, and even more proof to add to this observation, has ocurred with this incident.
Bear being bears, get  their final judgement given to them by a destruction officer

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