Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gravel pit proposal

Yikes ! Every few years some schemer comes along and wants to destroy the land and remove some rocks on OUR  Crown lands.
         If every proponent got their way there would not be much left,
other than some poorly remediated hazardous pits.

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 John Carley, of Langley, wants to gain access to sand and gravel deposits on 45.13 ha +/- of Crown Land, (OUR LAND) posted online July 8, 2013, but only put into the local newspapers on July 31, 2013.

Land  File No: 2410903
  Notice of intention to apply for a disposition of Crown Land
Management plan   (pdf)
General and detailed maps  (pdf)

Have your say about the proposal HERE

          The term, due diligence, comes to mind, none if any done here;  a little homework from the proponent would discover huge problems to overcome to get what they want, and they would give up, before they lose any more money. He must be after the rock, there is very little gravel there, mostly scree. And somehow the proponents Agent: Corey Tomiye, totally missed the salmon-bearing Dairy Creek that runs through the property, it is too large to jump across in one leap.  There  appears to be more to this proposal than just the typical excuse of mining from the proponent, that would give them control of this land; I fear.  This proposal would have huge negative impacts on Minnekhada Park too, sight-lines destroyed, wildlife trails destroyed, potential for silt, gravel erosion entering into the park.  .  .

UPDATE:  The proposal has made it into the local newspapers.
       Resident opposes quarry plan;
                       Province Says if A Permit is Granted, it Will be for Investigative Purposes.
       Test drilling approval sought for Crown land
                    City staff have a few words to say about the proposal in this article

ANOTHER UPDATE:           Quarry plan rocks PoCo. Council Members Worry About Effects On Park

      Interesting that Poco politicians are involved, where are Coquitlam's ? oh, wait nearly all of them lean towards the Liberal persuassion, that allowed this sort of spurious application to be easily made.
PoCo's  Brad West, an enviromentalist? Sorry NO , this councillor voted to remove money from the city's environment budget and laid of some staff so that the city could have a party. Port Coquitlam must be two kilometers away from the proponents proposal.

UPDATE AGAIN:   Sekora upset over plans for gravel quarry
Finally ! A councillor speaks out.

Coquitlam council opposes quarry plan,     Members upset over timing

CBC Radio One, Early Edition
       Interview with Quarry Road, resident,  Jim McNeil about the quarry proposal.
             Starts at 31:40
I was asked to look into this proposal some more, and I found, apparently that this present proposal lies mostly within a much larger recently approved mineral  lease tenure.

Download this large PDF  from google. sorry for some reason this map would not display correctly in google viewer, for some reason it was stripping away some of my custom markup on it.
The tenure outlined in RED is named 1021278  and owned by  Burke Mountain Minerals and is good until July 29, 2014  One year renewable lease 126.4069 Ha.
100% owned by Sheridan Hill Ventures Ltd. (Client ID:  276861 ) Mailing address 20277 Mountain Place, Pitt Meadows, B.C.     And the proposed exploration by John Carley  is outlined in BLUE
So it appears that the proponents have a full scale quarry on their minds, I wonder how all the new residents will feel about this with a gravel mining operation perched above them in the Partington Creek area.

A small inset from the PDF  Yikes ! You say; the potential for large scale extraction
could become a very real possiblity.

Interesting the proponent actually controls Two Tenures with the other nearby in the southern portion of Sheridan Hill in Pitt Meadows. Sheridan Flats, anyone?
  Named the Sheridan claim 1012822   is 84.31 ha. in size, and the owner has controlled it since at least September 2012. Both tenures outlined in RED in the above image.

Quarry bid for Coquitlam is withdrawn

Common sense wins for a change !

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