Sunday, January 4, 2015

Minnekhada Christmas bird count

Almost a tradition to do the annual bird survey at Minnekhada Farm, a few new species added.

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        One thing that was very noticeable about the outbuildings was that their deterioration is rapidly increasing. I noticed a huge pile of brown crumbly rot coming out the bottom of the sheathing on the Dairy building, and the sheep barn, was very noticeable rot issues, that probably need quick attention, since the bottom posts, and headers, especially aroung the exposed perimeter are in terrible shape; it would be sad to see this building collapse from lack of basic maintenance.

A little history from 28 January 1975

       So a quick read of this by anyone who can count, asks the question; what happened to the remaining 570 acres?  This land deal was very sleezy in that it went from Wallace to us, in a few weeks, after going through a few companies along the way, all taking thier cut of it.  So it appears that we probably have development companies that knew that the government was buying lands nearby; but evidently Wallace did not know this, he was not in the best of health at this time. This deal was NOT for the park it was for development; that idea came later as the public put pressure onto the municipality and the Province to preserve it.

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